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Where there’s a will .....

We shirk away from facing the inevitable. It is only natural that we do so. So many people die without making a will just because they never got around to it. That’s a pity because the absence of a will causes certain legal necessities and sometimes costs that could have been avoided. Of course, you can change your will as often as you choose.

..... there’s a way

When making your will and after taking care of your family’s needs you might feel like continuing your caring beyond your lifetime. A bequest to the MSC Development Trust would fulfill your wishes to assist where you most of all desire to make a difference. Contact the office for more information. For more information download the following documents:

If you do not have a will, this document will inform you on how to get a will drawn up.

Our bequest brochure to assist you in choosing a project to which you may leave money.

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