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Project Funding


Some of you will recall the Roman myth of ‘Janus’, he was the keeper of the doorway. You were doomed if he should keep the door shut or if he opened it your destiny was assured. Janus is remembered by the first month of the year ‘January’.

For many of the children, mothers and teenagers in our care the ‘opening of the door’ began with the kindness of many individual, corporate and government donors. You all have opened the door for many who were on their last legs, abandoned or orphaned and indeed many youngsters left to parent their siblings.

funding2Children receive a gift of toysThrough the great work of Project Directors and dedicated volunteers, doors of collaboration have been opened with various local government departments, international funders and local individual donors.

You may never know how many doors your kindness has opened for others over the years yet be assured that behind them all is our sincerest gratitude for your unselfish and generous spirit.

Thank you to all individual donors and also to Apostolic Workers Fund, DMOS-COMIDE, IMRS, Missio Aachen, Missio München, MSC Germany, MSC Ireland, MSC Solidarity, NLDTF, Multiflora, International SA, Princethorpe College in England, St. Peter Claver Sisters.