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MSC Drop-In Centre

Fr. Frank Gallagher msc moved to the Limpopo Province over the Christmas 2003 period. He was struck by the increase of people looking for a job since seven years ago. People come to town as early as 4h00 am seeking work and returning back home in the evening with empty stomachs and without jobs.

Fr. Frank revealed that the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart were prompted to open a ‘Drop-in Center’ after realising the needs of the people in the area.

drop inFr. Frank Gallagher with Abraham who manages the Centre.People with no roof over their heads in search for help or are jobless, poor and have lost hope are welcome to visit the MSC Drop-in Center. The Center opened its doors officially on 10th March 2004 at 48 Burger Street, Makhado in the Limpopo Province.

The Center serves as a place where all who are heavily burdened can come to be helped. The Center is benefiting and enriching people with social problems. The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart reach out to these people who have lost hope and forgotten how to smile.

The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart welcome all people who are job seekers or homeless regardless of race, nationality or religion to come and rest at the Center whilst enjoying a cup of tea and be listened to. People receive counselling in an effort to restore their dignity and hope.

The MSC Drop-in Center symbolises compassion, love, care for the poor, homeless, jobless, abused, wicked and to all those who are tired in their daily search for help.