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Holy Family Care Centre

The Holy Family Mission Station in Ofcolaco (Limpopo Province) was made possible by the kind donation of property by the Glanville Family in 1950. The late Frs. Donnie McCarthy and Michael Kelly developed the Mission Station into a place of worship, education and health care.


holy family1New Play areaOver the years the Mission Station has seen many changes. The Sisters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart have taken great care to maintain and nourish a loving Family Spirit yet at the same time maximize the space they have for a short term Mother and Child Care Program and a long term children's residence. However with the addition of an 'Anti Retro Viral' roll out programme and the drastic increase of orphaned children, the Sisters undertook several building projects.
Anti Retro Viral (ARV) Clinic

We congratulate the Sisters at Holy Family for being the first Voluntary Group in the area to provide an 'Anti Retro Viral' roll out program and clinic (bottom right). This of course could not have been done without your help and the help of many other charities.

New play area

ARV's are the only medications that can reduce the virus and allow a person's immune system to recover somewhat.
New Crèche and Improved Play Area

With the drastic increase of children to Holy Family Care Center, the Sisters were very keen to provide a purpose built crèche and improved play area. The infants are cared for by experienced and motherly staff.

Full Capacity

Holy Family is now registered to take 70 children and we are at full capacity. Working through and with the local Social Workers, several children were able to be returned to their family group through the past year and more will go at the completion of the school term. Our aim is to reunite the children with their family and community if at all possible. This enables us to take in other sick and needy children who have no one to care for them, especially those who have HIV/Aids.

Miracle Child

Last year's miracle baby, Kgmotoso, now 17 months old, is growing and thriving. He arrived in April, a very sick infant, just skin and bones and not expected to live. It is truly amazing to watch the transformation when a child is given love, care, good nutrition, good medical intervention, and a safe and happy environment. Holy Family is indeed a place of miracles!

Kinder Grads!

Eight children graduated from our crèche in 2008 and attend the local school this year. Khanyisa who has cerebral palsy was accepted into a residential school at Giyani and while we will miss her greatly we are delighted that she will now have specialized care and attention.

Freedom and Heritage Day

The children celebrated Freedom Day with a dance competition and prizes and Heritage Day with a great party: dressed in national costume they danced, sang, recited poetry and then had a party meal. During the holidays, groups of girls and boys visited Moholoholo Wildlife Reserve and were fascinated by all the birds and animals. We thank you wholeheartedly for your continued support. May God bless you and yours always.

Boys New Dorm

As is natural, children become 'Teenagers', just another step in the cycle of life. It is necessary to give the boys their own place and space in the family. The Sisters built a very nice sleeping area complete with bunk beds. The guys are very much at home there.

No More Creepy Crawlies

holy family2Girl's new dormIn the girl's rooms, besides the much needed new coat of paint on the walls the cracked, cold, dark concrete floors are being covered with shiny bright tiles. It's not just for cosmetic purposes. The dust hiding on the old dark floors is a thing of the past. A quick sweep and a wash go a long way in preventing respiratory problems in many of the children.

Of course the older girls are happy that they no longer share their rooms with creepy crawlies and the bright tiled floors are less inviting to ticks, frogs and snakes. Sadly it was also necessary to fix security bars and railings in the exposed areas of the dormitories.
Girls new dorm

Skills Training Center

A wonderful and much needed addition is the Skills Training Center (3rd left). This area provides the 'school going population' of Holy Family with a central study and home work environment, complete with desks and chair. The Center is also equipped with some computers, giving much needed training to senior students. Senior students also have guided art and craft sessions in the Training Center.