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MSC Projects: Limpopo

Fr. Pat Galvin msc has been involved in developing communities in South Africa for many years. Realising the importance of water for families and villages he has drilled several wells. One of his latest projects is the provision of goats to families.

"The significance of owning a goat is huge for a family that never owned anything" he says. "Goats are hardy animals and are easy to rear. They provide milk and their meat is very nutritious. People must be able to produce their own food. I am convinced that communities must do what they can with their own resources. This type of micro projects really helps people at a basic community level ... you can see the difference ... giving them dignity ... helping people to help themselves ... that to me is the key to developing communities."

St Therese Shelter

Life on the Street

The growing number of very young street kids in Makhado town has been a concern for many over the last two years or so. While many of the street kids can be entertaining, some very annoying, yet all live a life exposed to great danger.

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MSC Night Shelter

The Night Shelter has also been extremely busy especially towards the end of the year, running at full-time capacity. The shelter is run on a first come, first serve basis.

Sadly at times we have to turn away many people in need. The Night Shelter has 2190 people seeking shelter during the last year. The number is made up of men, women and children of all races. The average stay is two nights per person.

MSC House

Just around the corner of the MSC Drop-In Centre you will find the MSC Community House situated in Burger Street, Makhado in the Limpopo Province. The house was needed to give MSCs working in the Tzaneen Diocese a central location to come together for meetings, special occasions and a place they can call home.

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MSC Drop-In Centre

Fr. Frank Gallagher msc moved to the Limpopo Province over the Christmas 2003 period. He was struck by the increase of people looking for a job since seven years ago. People come to town as early as 4h00 am seeking work and returning back home in the evening with empty stomachs and without jobs.

Fr. Frank revealed that the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart were prompted to open a ‘Drop-in Center’ after realising the needs of the people in the area.

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Holy Family Care Centre

The Holy Family Mission Station in Ofcolaco (Limpopo Province) was made possible by the kind donation of property by the Glanville Family in 1950. The late Frs. Donnie McCarthy and Michael Kelly developed the Mission Station into a place of worship, education and health care.

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Carmel School for Intellectually Challenged Children

Carmel School is situated in Madombidzha, Limpopo Province.

The Carmelite Sisters have done a remarkable job of raising the money needed to buy the property that they are developing into a Special School for Intellectually Challenged Children.

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Bakhita Village (Dwars River)

Tragedy is at our door steps. Can you imagine the heartbreak of children sitting outside their homes? Their young hearts torn by fear and loss as hopelessly they stare in front of them. Inside in a tiny room in their small house their parents lie dying. This is an all too common happening in South Africa today.

So many children are living in child-headed families, unable to obtain sufficient food, clothing or shelter. They can’t attend school and will do anything to find a morsel of food for themselves and their brothers and sisters.

In the early 1950’s Fr. Bill Fleming msc set about buying land in the Dwars River area of the Limpopo. He built a clinic, secondary school, church, workshops and planted vegetable gardens. Over the last 40 years St. Brendan’s school has prospered and developed from a small donation based school to a very successful High School.

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