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retreatsFr. Joseph Wilson msc offers workshops and retreats on the theme of healing and deliverance. prayerHe shows why 'witchcraft, bruheria, juju, etc. are one of the main reasons why South Africans are putting themselves out from under the blessings of God. Scripture finds this kind of activity 'an abomination' in his sight Deuteronomy 18. Most priests shy away from talking about this scourge, but unless it is removed, then the blessings of God will not come down on our homes and families.

For more information visit ‘MSC Ministries – Healing and Deliverance'.

Those asking for houses and homes to be blessed: It is always advisable to ask your own local priest.

Fr. Joseph is willing to travel outside of Gauteng, but will need at least two months notice, as he is very heavily committed.

I think if our Founder, Fr. Jules Chevalier, were alive today, he would be involved in such movements as he would see them as coming from the big Heart of Jesus and a response to the ills of our times.

Pray for me.


To book a retreat for the members of your different church groups, youth in the church etc. please contact the following MSC members:-

Parish Priest: Fr. Joseph Wilson msc Tel: 011-744 3713 Cell: 072 123 1084 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.