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Healing and Deliverance


The ministry of healing and deliverance is not well understood. People think that we are a bunch of weird people fighting demons and only concentrating on evil.

healingIf you read the first six chapters of St Mark's Gospel, you will see Jesus establishing the Kingdom of God. In doing so, he had to drive out the strongholds of satan [lowercase] in people's lives, so that they could enjoy the blessings and beatitudes of his reign unmolested from Satan.

What is deliverance? Let me quote Jesus himself: "Which of you shall have an ass or an ox fallen into a well, and will not straightway draw him up on a Sabbath day?" Luke 14:5 (American Standard Version). To deliver means to pull somebody out of bondage. You pray it yourself everyday, when you pray the Our Father...'deliver us from evil'. Deliverance is a central part of the ministry of God in Christ. "I have seen the miserable state of my people and ... I mean to deliver them from the house of bondage...." How often God spoke those words in Exodus to Moses.

It is often the case that people must be first delivered from unclean spirits [hatred, un-forgiveness, cursing, witchcraft and un-confessed evil, which I call "The Big 5"] before they can be able to fully receive God's blessings. Think of one of the greatest disciples of Jesus, St Mary of Magdala. Before she could become his greatest disciple [after Our Lady], she had to be delivered from seven bad spirits [Luke 8:2]. According to one highly respected evangelical expert, up to 80% of Christians need to be delivered from at least some kind of oppression and evil.

Healing Service

We hold a weekly healing service in my parish of Geluksdal ten kilometers from Carnival City on the R23 highway towards Heidelberg. The Healing Mass takes place every Tuesday 8.30. Confession is available.

When our prayer team prays over people for their healing, we often find them "blocked" spiritually. In other words, the prayer of healing is not reaching them [as it should] because they may be holding onto hatred, resentments and hurts. God wants them not merely to be set free from their physical illness, but also to let go of the spiritual illness. This is clear in the Gospel, when men took a paralysed man to be healed by Jesus [Mark 2:1]. They opened the tiles in the roof and lowered him before Jesus. When Jesus saw the paralysed man, the first thing he said was: "My friend, your sins are forgiven you!" In other words, Jesus saw that the man was also sick spiritually and He began there.

In deliverance ministry, we often have to begin by removing the obstacles to the full freedom of the person. We always encourage a person to make a good sacramental confession first, then, when they have let go of The Big 5, then we see the healing happening.

Does God want to bless us abundantly? Yes! God wants to bless us abundantly; see Numbers 6:22.
Does Jesus want to heal us? Yes! Jesus said: "Of course I want to heal you, be healed!"

I am willing to travel outside of Gauteng, but will need at least two months notice, as I am very heavily committed.

Those asking for houses and homes to be blessed: It is always advisable to ask your own local priest.

I offer workshops and retreats on the theme of healing and deliverance. I show why 'witchcraft, bruheria, juju, etc. are one of the main reasons why South Africans are putting themselves out from under the blessings of God. Scripture finds this kind of activity 'an abomination' in his sight Deuteronomy 18. Most priests shy away from talking about this scourge, but unless it is removed, then the blessings of God will not come down on our homes and families.


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