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MSC Lay Associates

The Lay Associates of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart are a group of Catholic men and women who have been drawn together from diverse walks of life by the wisdom, compassion and gentleness of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC).

assocMSC Lay AssociatesIn union with the MSC, they have chosen to study, share, pray and encourage each other to live fully their call to holiness received in baptism. They share their experience of Christ's compassionate love with the people among whom they daily live, work, and play.

They strive with God's grace to be living signs of God's love, of God's hope, and of God's healing to all people, especially those in despair and pain.

By their imitation of Christ, particularly His openness, concern, gentleness and compassion, they see themselves helping Christ to build a civilization within the Kingdom of God in which justice, love and peace reign supreme.

Those who dream of creating such a world are invited to join. Groups of MSC Lay Associates are formed near MSC communities and meet regularly to pray, share and help each other grow spiritually in their personal lives, work and ministry.