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MSC Newsletter

Message from the Director

Dear Friend

directormanThere is a saying that makes a lot of sense: 'In school we first learn lessons and then are tested.  In life we are first tested and then learn some very hard lessons'.   Thankfully, your generosity provides our children with the possibility of staying at school and being educated.  

For example your kindness provides a 'weekly food parcel' to a lot of needy families  There are homes without any adults at all, these children are visited very regularly by volunteers and are encouraged to participate in 'after school programmes' providing a good daily meal and a safe place to play and study.

Another instance of your kindness are the children with special needs living in communities that cannot provide a school or a Centre for them.   The work of the Carmelite Sisters at Madombidzha who run a special school for children with special needs are to be admired and supported.  

Sadly some children find themselves without a family or older siblings to look after them.  In this instance your kindness helps the OLSH Sisters offer a home for these children at the Holy Family Care Centre and Bakhita Village.

However, we know that there is much more to education than just ABC's and 123's.  

Although many of our volunteers are ordinary people, they put their extraordinary child rearing (parenting) skills to use.  For example, giving comfort and encouragement to our children when facing difficulties.  Helping our children make sense of growing up and dealing with very strong feelings and emotions that go with maturing.  Teaching children how to act and behave; to know and do what is good and right.  

We tend to underrate the role of the many trusted adults involved in the lives of our children.  These adults have a very positive impact on the lives and future of these children.  
We could not select, train and organise our Adult Volunteers to undertake such important work without your kindness and generosity.  Your involvement has a loving and positive impact on the lives and future of all the children in our care.   Thank you so much.

Fr. Frank Bray msc - Director MSC Promotion Office Southern Africa


Computer Lab up and running       

After the damage caused by the storm end of last year, the Computer Room was renovated and updated.   We thankfully acknowledge the MSC Promotion Office and its Benefactors for your generosity in making these renovations happen.

The Computer Lab at Moya Parish in Tembisa now proudly hosts 13 young unemployed people for an 8-week Microsoft IT course.

Fr. Jacques Mbongompasi msc - Parish Priest Moya Parish

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Your donation supports our 2014 Education Program

One of the most important subjects children need to pass at school is English. In order to help the learners achieve this, they are being taught ‘Phonics’ using a structured approach which focuses on single sounds and blends. Over the past two months particularly, children in Grades 3 and 4 have increased their vocabulary and ability to recognise and vocalise English sounds.

Sr. Sally Duigan OLSH - Director Holy Family Care Centre - Ofcolaco

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The Spirit of Carmel School - Heavenly Care & Providence

Once again, Carmel School is delighted to greet you in reverence and gratitude, remembering and appreciating your compassion and consideration for the less privileged brothers, sisters and children. It has been our fortune to be favoured by your attention, care and prayers, which have facilitated the creation and growth of this special school for mentally challenged children.

As you are aware, we always strive to make a conducive environment, suited for the development of the children. Work and play are equally important for the children. The academic and non-academic activities need continuous monitoring and improvement.  We recently installed new swings, and you can see the children enjoying their new play structures with smiling faces.

Sr. Kusumam Rose CMC - Director Carmel School

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Growing up in a safe environment

Maria came to Bakhita Village when she was in Grade 1.  When Maria's mother Mpho died, her aunt had promised to adopt her three children: Moses, Maria and Sandra.  Their house is situated in a very poor village and there were many men around drinking homemade grog.  Needless to say, it was not a safe environment to grow up in for the children.

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MKCC offers a great need to many!

'Every beginning is difficult’, so the saying goes. Moya Kids Community Crèche (MKCC) has experienced this first hand. The Sisters of St. Vincent de Paul under the supervision of the Parish Priest Fr. Jacques Mbongompasi MSC established the Crèche in Tembisa late last year.  They all had sleepless nights wondering how to keep this initiative going over time.

Slowly but surely Moya Kids Community Crèche have developed an ‘After School Care Programme’  for older learners in the afternoons.

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