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Pre-Novitiate Director

directorThemba playing soccer in the CameroonFr. Karl Hofer was born in a beautiful German speaking mountainside town in Switzerland in 1944. In 1965 he became a Missionary of the Sacred Heart and completed his studies in Philosophy and Theology in France.

In 1970 he was ordained priest and spent a year in his home country for pastoral work and further studies before starting a missionary life in Africa.

From 1971-1981 he served in Senegal (West-Africa); from 1981-2007 in Cameroon (Central Africa) and since 2008 he serves in South-Africa.

All these years Fr. Karl was involved in various very interesting ministries: in pastoral work as Parish Priest or Assistant, in leadership and formation…beautiful opportunities to experience what Jesus foretold in Mark 10:29-30 and to build up a future for the people and the Church in Africa!


Themba Saini comes from Park Hill suburb of beautiful Harare, Zimbabwe. Themba came into contact with MSC students while in South Africa. He has been Peter Ng’anga’s class mate since they began their orientation period. Themba was also awarded a Diploma in Philosophical Studies at the end of 2006. In 2007 Themba and Peter began another stage of MSC formation and studies along with 16 other MSC students from different parts of Africa at the MSC formation house in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Going to Yaoundé to continue their formation was a very difficult decision for Themba and Peter to make. However, with God’s help and the prayers of their families, both have settled into the way of life there. At first they spent a period of six months of intensive study of the French language. French is widely spoken by people from Central and Western Africa.

They began their Study of Theology during September 2007 at St. Cypriens Institute. St. Cypriens has a large international body of students from many African countries and from the continents of Asia, South America and Europe.

Studies are demanding but also living in a large formation community can have its demands as well. The daily routine of prayer, mass, lectures and house duties are broken up by weekly recreation evenings, pastoral work, social outings and days of reflection.

For the first year in Yaoundé Peter was part of a prison visitation group that made weekly visits to juvenile prisoners. Themba worked with local altar servers in the first year and now works once a week at a Centre for street kids in the city.

The months pass quickly bringing with it exam times, holidays and the renewal of religious vows. In August 2009 the two students joined the MSC Novitiate in South Africa.